Got something else done! (A while ago)

NAH, not that long ago. Went on vacation and then got back to finish it up. One of the Level 2 Legion asked me to work on a logo design for him. He’s got the over all right to do what ever he wants with it, but Blue (BlueMoon, I’ll post his youtube at the end of his post) had been using a stock photo of a moon that he found online and well, changed the color to blue. I went with his original idea, but gave it more of a retro feel that I did in Illustrator and mixed up a little Photoshop in it for the Text. Overall, we think it turned out really well.

Check out BlueMoon’s Youtube Channel @ BlueMoon

Sluggish and Bullish

Man, I’ll tell you what… If my wife was running this site you all would have daily updates with all the on goings of my world. ME… Not so much. So I posted a long while back a temporary place holder for Level 2 Gamers, a couple of guys I work with that are pursuing their passion of video games all the ins and outs that go with it. I had finally finished the intro with some help from bud of mine and I never posted it here on the site. SO… uh… here it is!

Check them out again @ Level 2 Gamers YouTube Channel

Support them @ Level 2 Gamers Patreon